Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 with Car Modify Wonder

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

This Year we entered Tokyo Auto Salon for this year. Debuting a New JZX100 body kit and the Nissan S14 Silvia Zenki. We had prepared for the JZX100 Chaser model coming soon!

Out in the Parking Area we get a glance at one customer with Wonder 180sx GT Fenders. 

Displaying in the Halls there a organized and hectic line of attendees and media coming through the doors of  the messe halls. Just for being early wasn’t enough to get away from the crowds of rustling people from tokyo and beyond!

Walking down the halls you can go to hall 3 and walking down you can glance at the wonder cars from afar.

The owner of this JZX100 is one of the Yokohama bay side drivers and a local drifter Kohji Katoh. 

This kit is on Display for the whole weekend and was one of an eye catching new JZX100 that made you wonder to get for next body kit upgrade! There will be updates coming soon for this kit and pricing TBA! 

Another Car Up on display was the Zenki Version of the Nissan Silvia S14. 

Each panel was setup for a different style of aero for a Demo car that gave you what options to do for your Zenki S14! 

Our Twin Blade S14 Fits Either Zenki or Kouki Models Link below

Nissan S14 Silvia Zenki Kits are Available for purchase and Many Options Parts for the S-chassis Glare Models


Along side the Cars was Takashi Haruyama! Giving his Thumbs up and many thanks for attending Tokyo Auto salon 2018 and visiting Wonder booth!



Having his Two Variants of Body kits: Glare Aero – S-chassis Cars / Shadow Aero – C-chassis , Jzx-chassis models 

featuring here in 2018 gives new light for this year! 

As we pass January look forward to seeing Haruyama Judging at D1 lights and D1gp and a busy schedule. 

~~ Until next Time  ~~

– WONDER staff